Birthday Party (San Francisco)

Hello!! Not every day we get to celebrate our birthday parties the way we would love to but at least we get to experience it once a year, for today’s post we have photos from one of our recent clients from San Francisco, CA where they hosted a Birthday Party for a princess named Kiara!!

Check some of the memories below:

Kiaras 5th Bday-1327
Bay Area Photography Events
Kiaras 5th Bday-1420
Bay Area Photography Events
Kiaras 5th Bday-1543
Bay Area Photography Events
Kiaras 5th Bday-1719
Bay Area Photography Events

Yes we had a Magic Fairy!!!!

Kiaras 5th Bday-1631
Bay Area Photography Events
Kiaras 5th Bday-1918
Bay Area Photography Events
Kiaras 5th Bday-2021
Bay Area Photography Events
Kiaras 5th Bday-2047
Bay Area Photography Events
Kiaras 5th Bday-2065
Bay Area Photography Events
Kiaras 5th Bday-2136
Bay Area Events Photography
Kiaras 5th Bday-2153
Bay Area Events Photography
Kiaras 5th Bday-2185
Bay Area Events Photography
Kiaras 5th Bday-2202
Bay Area Events Photography

As you can see, the party was magical and we had lots of fun being part of Kiara’s 5th Birthday Party!! This was definitely a once in a lifetime party for Kiara, hopefuly the pictures can help her relive the memories when she grows up!!

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